Baton Ridge root canal

Baton Ridge Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Baton Ridge

If you’re in need of a Baton Ridge root canal, call Cangelosi Family Dentistry today. Our practice has been serving the Baton Rouge area for over 23 years. Our doctor, Dr. Richard Cangelosi, is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Dentistry and a member of the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Association and Continuing Dental Education of Baton Rouge.

The goal of a root canal is to save the natural tooth. During an endodontic treatment the inflamed, infected pulp inside the tooth is removed, then cleaned and sealed. A crown or cap is then placed gently over the Baton Rouge root canal site to protect the newly filled hole. Once restored, the tooth can go back to normal function and patients can chew and eat normally again.Teeth that have been warped or damaged because of infection usually require root canal therapy. After damage or a cavity, there are times when the nerves have been greatly damaged and a root canal is necessary to save the real tooth, preventing it from needing extraction. When a tooth has been damaged down to the root, it can become painful, sore and irritated. Infection can set in and make the tooth inflamed. This can cause an abscess if left untreated. If an abscess if found, antibiotics will be prescribed after the procedure to heal the infection.

Check our website for specials on a Baton Ridge root canal and more. We’re offering a free exam for a toothache, which is an $84 value, along with a $29 X-Ray. Or choose a complimentary tooth whitening kit if you’re a new patient and you receive a full exam, X-Rays and a cleaning. We are also offering $100 off a new patient first hygiene visit which includes X-Rays, a doctor’s exam and a cleaning.

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