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Dental plaque in Baton Ridge

When you want to have a positive effect on your health in any way, you always need to start at the source of problems and deal with them first. And this is true when it comes to cavities and gum disease. Both can be traced back to the impact that dental plaque has on your oral wellness. At Cangelosi Family Dentistry, we are pleased to be your experts when it comes to keeping your teeth intact and your gums pink, vibrant, and strong.

With three basic approaches, you can limit the consequences of dental plaque. First, eat nutritiously, and keep a close watch on the quantities of sugar and starch that make it into your diet. Together, they act as catalysts for the development of dental plaque. So it’s fair to say that the less sugar and starch, the less plaque. And the less plaque, the less chance of getting bad news when you come to our Baton Ridge dentist office. The second approach is to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Preferably, you should do so after meals, in addition to when you wake up and go to bed. Flossing need only be done once per day, but it should be done thoroughly and vigorously to dislodge sticky plaque and lodged food particles. And finally, number three is to visit our Baton Ridge dentist office on a six month basis. Do this to have a complete oral examination, and periodic x-rays to detect any cavities our early stage gum disease signs that have come about due to dental plaque. But also do so to get a teeth cleaning and eliminate built up tartar and any residual plaque, making for better chances to avoid future cavities and gum disease.

While it’s on your mind, call our Baton Ridge dentist office. Book a convenient time to come in for your next exam and cleaning.

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